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Focus on simplicity and speed—this isn’t about perfection but about understanding the course creation process from start to finish. Create a straightforward, actionable course that provides value and serves as your first paid offering. This initial momentum is crucial, setting the stage for future, more detailed courses.



Start with an easy course.

Today’s the day you’ll convert your expertise into your very first online course. Think of it as distilling your knowledge into a powerful, one-hour session that directly tackles a problem your students face. We’re aiming for concise and impactful learning—let’s get started!

The importance of your first course...

Think of your first course as your entry into the world of online teaching. It’s your chance to test the waters, get real feedback, and refine your craft. The goal here isn’t perfection; it’s about creating a learning experience that’s genuinely helpful and rewarding for your students. By focusing on a specific problem, you ensure that your course delivers immediate value, making it a win-win for both you and your students.


Words of wisdom.


The step-by-step process to create your first course.

Identify the specific problem

  • Choose a problem that you can solve thoroughly within an hour. This focus will make your course highly targeted and valuable to students.

Plan your course content

  • Outline your course to include short, digestible segments that directly address the solution. This might include brief videos, step-by-step guides, or interactive worksheets/templates.

Create your course materials

  • Develop concise lesson plans and supporting materials like slides or downloadable resources that students can use immediately.
  • Use straightforward language and clear visuals to enhance understanding and retention.

Record and edit your lessons

  • Opt for simple recording tools like a smartphone or webcam. Focus on clear audio and adequate lighting.
  • Edit your videos to make them concise and focused.

Set up your course on a platform

  • Upload your course to Kajabi, which simplifies the selling and hosting process. Ensure that the course layout is easy to navigate and each lesson builds on the previous one.

Market your course

  • Use your website, email newsletter, and social media to promote your course. Highlight how quickly and effectively students can solve their problem through your course.
  • Consider introductory pricing or a special offer for the first group of students to encourage sign-ups and get testimonials.

Tools & resources to help you.


Host and manage your course with integrated marketing tools.

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Follow an AI-guided process to get clarity around your offer, map out a curriculum with detailed lesson plans, and craft your sales content.

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Design engaging visual materials and promotional graphics.

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Use AI to simplify video editing.

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Edit your video lessons efficiently.

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Actionable tips for a successful course launch.

  • Keep it simple: Ensure the course is straightforward and focused on practical solutions.
  • Gather and apply feedback: Encourage initial students to provide feedback and use this to refine your course and future offerings.


Launching your first course is a big milestone in your journey as an online educator.

By focusing on solving a specific problem quickly and effectively, you’re not just teaching—you’re also creating immediate value for your students. This approach will not only help you make a strong start but also lay the groundwork for future courses. Remember, the feedback you receive now is gold, helping you refine and improve as you go. You’ve got this!


Get help creating your first course.


1-Day Course Challenge

Follow a step-by-step process designed to help you create your first online course in just one day. Whether you have no idea, no experience, or no content ready, this challenge will guide you from zero to a complete course in just 1 day.

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The fast and easy way to build your online course,
coaching, or membership business with Kajabi.

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Coaches & Courses

The fast and easy way to build your online course, coaching, or membership business with Kajabi.

Copyright © 2024. All Rights Reserved.