Choose your niche & positioning

Completion Time: 1 hour

Identify a specific audience and the unique value you can offer them. This step ensures your course business addresses real needs and stands out in the marketplace by leveraging your strengths and expertise.



Welcome to the 1st day of your journey towards launching a course business!

Today, we'll dive into one of the most crucial steps: selecting the right niche and positioning your business. This foundational step will help you define your target audience, tailor your marketing strategies, and create unique value in your offerings.

Why niche selection matters...

Choosing a niche allows you to concentrate your efforts on a specific group of customers with unique needs and preferences. This focus enhances the effectiveness of your marketing and the relevance of your course content, increasing both customer satisfaction and business success.


Words of wisdom.


The step-by-step process to choose your niche.


  • List your skills, passions, and experiences. Identify what you are knowledgeable about and what others often seek your advice on.
  • Use these insights to pinpoint areas where you can genuinely add value.

Market research

  • Utilize tools to research potential audiences, discovering common challenges or desires expressed in online forums and social media groups.

Evaluate the competition

  • Investigate other courses or services in potential niches. Consider what you can offer that's different or better.
  • Think about how you can uniquely position yourself. This could be through a distinctive teaching style, more comprehensive content, or addressing gaps left by competitors.

Tools & resources for effective research.

Google Trends

Find out what topics are trending in different regions to gauge interest levels.

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Analyze what content performs best in your potential niche to understand what engages audiences.

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Create surveys to gather insights directly from your target demographic.

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Use AI to simulate conversations to help you understand customer pain points and interests.

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Actionable tips for finalizing your niche.

  • Avoid overthinking it. Choose a niche that aligns with both your passions and market needs.
  • Be flexible. Your chosen niche might evolve as you deepen your understanding of your audience.


Selecting your niche is your first step toward establishing a focused and compelling course business.

Thoroughly explore both your personal interests and market demands.The ideal niche is one that balances your passion with actual market needs.


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Coaches & Courses

The fast and easy way to build your online course, coaching, or membership business with Kajabi.

Copyright © 2024. All Rights Reserved.